Here's the steps for the workaround to remove the duplicate entries inside License Manager:

1. Open up your License Manager and remove/deactivate the software: WebGrabber, Server, DocConverter and/or Toolkit.

2. Go to your control panel and under add/remove programs remove (if applicable) any previous versions of WebGrabber, Server, DocConverter and/or Toolkit.

3. From the Control panel remove the ActivePDF License Manager

4. Delete the following files if they exist...


5. Once this is done you can rerun the software installer(s) and enter your serial number.

In the very beginning the installer will ask for your product serial number. After you run the product install open the License Manager on your machine and the duplicate entries should be gone. 

 To avoid activation trouble with step 5 please take a screen shot of your license manager showing the activation details prior to step 1. This will allow you to proceed with manually re-entering the same activation codes. Once the license(s) are activated, add your extension keys. Adding-Extension-Key 

Note: Prior to step 2 if you want to reinstall custom profiles and settings or to backup your settings in the Configuration Manager, create a copy of this folder: