1796 Printer Error 

If following error is observed in the logs:

Printer Not Found:
AddPrinter Failed: 1796

Confirm that Printer exist under Devices and Printer, if it does not exist or is unidentified please follow steps below to recreate the printer:

  • Control Panels > Devices and Printer
  • For Server, Meridian or Web Grabber you will see that product printer

  1. Go to Services.msc
  2. Stop ActivePDF P3Rest service

  1. Stop Printer Spooler service

  1. Go to the Registry > Click start and type regedit
  2. CAUTION: Please back up registry before proceeding, by click File > Export > Save
  3. Once backed up click the + sign, depending on the product
  • If troubleshooting DocConverter:
  • If troubleshooting Server or Meridian:
  • If troubleshooting WebGrabber:
  • DocConverter – APDCMon
  • Server or Meridian – APSMon
  • Web Grabber – APWGMon

  1. Once you delete the AP folder exit Registry
  2. Restart the Printer Spooler first
  3. Restart the ActivePDF P3Rest service
  4. Verify in the Control Panel > Devices and Printer the printer exist