Meridian Release Notes 2010 R2

Meridian 2010 R2

This article contains the release notes for ActivePDF Meridian 2010 R2. This release includes enhancements and bug fixes.


513Meridian now logs the timestamp, process id, job id, user name, printer name, input document name, PDF name, result code, and conversion timespan for each conversion. The log is written in .csv format, for easy integration with Microsoft®Excel.
514Client Settings were added to the Meridian Common User Interface (CUI) allowing admins to set Meridian client fetch settings on the server, and to have them applied to all clients using that server.


1393The Meridian installer does not provide an error message when License Manager fails to download. The Meridian installer now informs the user when the License Manager is not downloaded.
1451The Common User Interface (CUI) does not provide an option for disabling client-side fetching. The new FetchPDF Locked setting in the Meridian Client Settings of the CUI disables client-side fetching.
1452Accessing the Meridian Client Settings on a system with Microsoft® Visual C++ redistributable files prior to SP1, results in a missing ordinals error 997. The current CUI now links against the latest dlls.
1453Temporary files that have not been fetched remain indefinitely and may be retrieved by the client in error. The printer service now checks for a file's last write time. Temporary files older than one hour are automatically deleted.
1463When converting files with multiple page orientations, the first page of the resulting file is oriented correctly. However, all subsequent pages are oriented in the same manner as the first page. Files with multiple page orientations are now converted correctly.