Q. Using Toolkit 10.3.0 or below

So I made a simple project in .Net Core 3.1 and .Net 5.0, Visual Studio doesn’t seem recognize the library in the using statement.

I installed the package using Nuget Manager and the project is only referencing APToolkit.

Is there something I’m missing, I looked at the examples you sent, but still can’t get the library to be recognized.


A. In .NET Core applications installing the Nuget package is not copying the required DLLs to the solution folder when installed. They should be copied to your solution packages folder. Can you check your build and verify that they are not being downloaded for you. They are being downloaded to "C:\Users\[USER]\.nuget\packages\activepdf.toolkit" folder.

You can work around this by adding the Toolkit package to your project and then removing it. This will download the DLLs to the above directory and then you can add a reference to "C:\Users\[USER]\.nuget\packages\activepdf.toolkit\\10.3.0\Lib\net45". You will need to copy the native DLLs from "C:\Users\[USER]\.nuget\packages\activepdf.toolkit\10.3.0\References" to your working directory.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we will look into updating the package for the next release of Toolkit.

Note: The examples on GitHub are based on a full installation of Toolkit. If you are using the Nuget package you do not need to use the path to the core libraries in the constructor if they are in your working directory.

  using (APToolkitNET.Toolkit toolkit = new APToolkitNET.Toolkit(CoreLibPath: toolkitPath))
  using (APToolkitNET.Toolkit toolkit = new APToolkitNET.Toolkit())