PDF Boxes: mediabox, cropbox, bleedbox, trimbox, artbox


Toolkit supports these PDF page box boundaries:

  • Art Box: Is used in the commercial printing process. The art box defines the area covered by the artwork or content in the page, including a safety zone (text safe area) that provides a margin for binding.
    Use the SetOutputArtBox method to define an art box boundary.

  • Trim box: Is used in the commercial printing process. The trim box specifies the actual page size is printed after any trimming processes.
    Use the SetOutputTrimBox method to define a trim box boundary.

  • Bleed box: Is used in the commercial printing process. The bleed box extends past the page-cut marks, to make sure that the color extends past the edge of the page, with no margin showing in the final print output. A bleed area is used to accommodate the limitations of cutting, folding, and trimming equipment. The actual printed page may include printer marks that fall outside the bleed box.
    Use the SetOutputBleedBox method to define a bleed box boundary.

  • Media box: Usually, the media box defines the page size. In commercial printing, the media box includes the crop marks, bleed box, trim box, and art box. By default, Toolkit creates an media box the size of the page.
    Use the SetOutputMediaBox method to define an media box boundary.

  • Crop box: Specifies the region that a PDF reader views or prints.
    Use the SetOutputCropBox method to define a viewable region.

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