DocConverter version or higher is required for the below steps

  1. Download Postman
  2. Install Postman and launch
  3. Form the Postman Launch Pad select “Create a request” 
  4. Set the new request to perform a POST operation.
  5. Add the DocConverter REST URL to the request. The URL is of the format http://[IPAddress]:62626/api/DocConverter/Conversion
    -Use “localhost” for a local conversion or the IP address of the remote server with DocConverter installed.
  6. Select the “Body” tab and the “form-data” option
  7. Add the following Key entries of type “File”
    1. InputFiles
    2. [FileName].json (must be a Json file) 

  8. For each Key entry select the files for the conversion request.
    1. DocConverter Json settings examples can be found in the online documentation: JSON Sample Link

  9. Click “Send” to send the request to DocConverter. 
  10. Once you click Send, below you will see “sending request” if you do not see that or an error occur, verify your IP address or Firewall on your DocConverter machine 
  11. If successful you will notice a binary output created, for example:


TempFilePath: QzpcUHJvZ3JhbURhdGFcQWN0aXZlUERGXFRlbXBcdGVzdDEucGRm

Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=test1.pdf

Content-Type: application/pdf