Tips for Using a Custom Font in a Form Field

About embedding custom fonts used in form fields

  • Make sure the font provider's end user license allows permission to embed andedit the font (see the note below).

  • Make sure the font is installed on the machine you are using.

  • Make sure the font is installed in the Windows font folder, or use the SetFont method to provide a path to the font.

  • Embed the entire font, do not use a subset.

  • When using SetFont for the form field, select the font using exactly the same name used by Windows.

Note: You can view permission information for many fonts in your Windows/fonts folder:

  1. In the fonts folder, right click on the font name and from the shortcut menu, select Properties.

  2. In the Properties dialog box, select Details.

  3. Check the Font embeddability setting:

    • Editable means the font is embeddable and available to your user for editing in a PDF, so it is suitable for PDFs with form fields.

    • Installable means the font is embeddable, but not available to your user for editing, so it is not suitable for PDFs with form fields that will be later edited.

For more information, see the Toolkit Font Usage section
of the Toolkit Reference.

For more information about permissions for Adobe fonts, see