SetHeaderText places text on the side of the PDF

SetHeaderText or SetHeaderImage places text on the side of the PDF rather then the top or bottom.

Probable Cause

The PDF may be rotated.


When a page is in landscape position as a result of rotation in a PDF document,
the rotated page keeps the same page coordinates it had before any rotation.

For example, if a portrait 8.5 by 11 inch PDF page is rotated 90 degrees clockwise to a landscape position, it still uses the 0x, 0y position it had before rotation. The 0x,0y position that was in the bottom left corner is now displayed in the top-left corner.

Toolkit provides a GetInputPageRotation call which, combined with Toolkit's Bounding Box calls, can be used to predetermine a page's current orientation and then adjust accordingly.

For an example of using these calls, see:

Auto Rotate Text example