How to create EUDC fonts

What is a EUDC font?

Definition. EUDC. End User Defined Characters. Custom fonts created by user.

To create your own Fonts visit

You may also visit the following site for instructions

-Register for a Free account and sign in

- Once signed click on Font Structure Tab to start creating your own font for each character needed

Attached is custom EUDC font

 Step 1: Choose a Letter

Once you've started the FontStructor editor, you first need to choose the letter to start designing. When you start the FontStructor for the first time, the latin letter ‘A’ will be active. You can see it's highlighted in the list of characters at the bottom of the screen:

The Character Selector

You can choose a different letter by clicking on a different character, or you can choose a completely different set of characters from the list in the bottom left.


Step 2: Choose a Brick

Now you've chosen a character, you need to choose a shape to build with.
On the left-hand side of the screen you will find the ‘All Bricks’ panel, a collection of shapes - ‘bricks’ - which are available. By default, a simple square is selected and highlighted:

 The ‘All Bricks’ panel

 The ‘All Bricks’ panel

Step 3: Choose a Tool

Once you’ve chosen your character, and your brick, you need to choose a drawing tool. There are a number of drawing tools available. When you first start, the pen tool is selected by default in the tool palette:

The Tool Palette

The Tool Palette

Step 4: Start Drawing your Letter

Now you can start designing by clicking anywhere on the squared canvas.
Note that the horizontal, blue guideline marked ‘BASELINE’ is the baseline for your letters - so they should usually sit on this line. The vertical, blue guideline marks the left-side of your letters. So most of your letters will probably be built upwards and to the right of the red dot.

The Origin

The red dot is the origin. Most letters will be built sitting on the horizontal blue baseline.

Congratulations, you’re FontStructing!

you’re FontStructing!

Step 5: Preview, Save, Download

Once you've built a few letters, you may want to look at them together, and try typing with them. To do this, click on the ‘Preview’ button at the top of the screen:

Preview Button

Your view changes to look like this:

Preview Mode

 Save and download

Inside the zip is yourFontName.ttf, license.txt, readme.txt

Right-click yourFontName.ttf and select "Install for all users" 

Use in Toolkit as 

oTK.SetFont "EUDC", 14

oTK.PrintText 72.0, 720.0, "Test with homemade EUDC."