Server Release Notes 2013.1.1.15090

Server 2013 R1.1 Build 2013.1.1.15090

This article contains the software release notes for ActivePDF Server 2013 R1.1 (2013.1.1.15090). This release includes bug fixes.

Software Requirements

Software Requirements

The following software is required to successfully use ActivePDF Server.

Windows Server® 2008, 2008R2

  • Windows Server® 2012 R2
  • Microsoft® .NET 4.0 (Installed by Server if not detected on your system.)

Hardware Requirements

The minimum hardware requirements for ActivePDF Server are:
  • 246 MB of RAM
  • 170 MB of hard disk space (for application)
Known Bugs

When a bug is fixed, it is moved to the Bug Fixes table.

NOTE: Even if a workaround exists, the bug may be fixed in a later release.
BugKnown IssueWorkaround
2477File specific: When the PCL file is converted, the output PDF does not display color or symbol characters as expected.No workaround available.
2957File specific: After a PCL to PDF conversion, the output PDF has several issues, including blank pages, a misaligned table, and incorrect font.No workaround available.
VBScript: Japanese OS: When using ConvertImageToPDF and ConvertPSToPDF with a file path that has Japanese characters, the conversion fails.No workaround available.
4521File specific: When the PostScript file with layers is converted, the layers are not preserved in the output PDF.No workaround available.
4654When SetInfo is used to include Author and Keyword metadata and a comma is included in the information, double quotes are added to the Author and Keyword metadata in the output PDF.No workaround available.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs were resolved.

2If SubsetFonts was disabled, the 3of9 barcode font was rendered as squares.This was resolved, and the barcode font now converts as expected.
4When font from an output PDF was copied and pasted into a Microsoft Word document, the font family changed.Text pasted into the Microsoft Word document now uses the correct font.
2867The Search function in the output PDF did not search through the entire document.The Search function now searches the entire PDF.
3363COM: When NewPrinterName was used to create a new printer, and SetPrintAsDefault was called, the Default printer was set instead of the new printer.SetPrinterAsDefault now uses the NewPrinterName property.
3662Configuration Manager (UI): Saving alphanumeric fields with special characters (for example, ! @ # $) caused unpredictable behavior.Configuration Manager now allows special characters to be used in text input fields.
When LinearizePDF or LinearizeDocument (Deprecated) was used with BeginPrintToPDF, StartPrinting, TestPrintToPDF, PSToPDF or ConvertPSToPDF, the conversion failed.The messagebox call was removed from the Linearize functionality, and now output is generated as expected.
3746PDF/A format: When BeginPrintToPDF or TestPrintToPDF was used with AddStampText, the output PDF was blank.This issue was resolved and now output is generated as expected.
3962When ConvertImageToPDF was used with ImpersonateUser, an error was returned.Impersonation check/values were added to ConvertImageToPDF API (for both .NET and COM), and now ImpersonateUser functions as expected.
4352COM: When using EndPrintToPDF with output paths that contained Unicode fonts, a -2 error (FileNotFound) was returned.The HTTP response did not set the content type to text/xml, charset to UTF-8 properly.
This was corrected, and file paths with Unicode characters function as expected.
4366When an XPS file was converted with its fonts embedded, the Font Properties description in the output PDF listed the font as "Unknown".This issue is resolved, and embedded fonts are listed as expected in the output PDF.

Installation and Getting Started

For installation instructions and general startup information, see the Legacy Documents section for  ActivePDF Server Getting Started Guide at:

API Reference
See the Legacy Documents section for ActivePDF Server API Reference Guide for information about .NET and COM methods and properties at: