DocConverter Release Notes

2010 R4.2 Release Notes Build

This article contains the release notes for ActivePDF DocConverter Enterprise 2010 R4.2 (Build

Operating System Requirements

The following software is required for full use of DocConverter Enterprise.

  • Windows Server® 2003, x86 or x64, OR
  • Windows Server® 2008, x86 or x64, OR
  • Windows Server® 2012, x64

Hardware Requirements

The following are minimum hardware requirements for DocConverter Enterprise.

  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 90 MB of Disk Space (for application)

Additional Software Requirements

The following are additional software requirements for DocConverter Enterprise.

  • Microsoft Word®,Excel®,PowerPoint® (2003 minimum, 2007 or 2010 recommended)
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.5, or higher (if not detected, will be installed automatically)
  • LibreOffice® 3.6.2 (installed automatically by DocConverter; recommended this version be used for best results)

NOTE: ActivePDF does not support running DocConverter Enterprise in Remote Desktop Services (Microsoft® Windows Server 2008) or Citrix environments. DocConverter Enterprise can be run in a Terminal Services (Microsoft® Windows Server 2003 and prior) environment only in Administrative mode.

Bug Fixes

The following table lists fixes made in DocConverter Enterprise R4.2.

ID #



Fixed in Build #


Converting from PDF ToExcel and opening the output file in Microsoft Office 2007 results in the error, "The file format does not match the file extension."

PDFToExcel conversions now the use the .XLSX extension.


ClearStampCollections was incorrectly labeled as ClearStampCollection in documentation.

The documentation was updated.


Converting from PDF to PDF via Watch Folder with the option to Convert to PDF Only results in error -10249.

The issue was resolved.


Under heavy load (approximately 10 or more conversion threads at once), the Microsoft Word converter instance may be unable to fetch the PID for the associated Word instance, resulting in stray instances of Microsoft Word.

The Agent subsystem was updated to handle stray instances of Microsoft Word.


DocConverter crashes with a c0000005 error when using the COM object in Microsoft Windows Server 2012.

The issue was resolved.


Converting PDF ToWord or ToWordDocX results in line break issues.

The issue was resolved.


Error -10299 converting an .EML file

EML files are now properly processed.


HTML file conversions are slow.

The issue was resolved.


Files with the .MHT extension are not converted.

The Default signature was updated to handle .MHT files.


Files with the .MHTML extension are not converted.

The Default signature was updated to handle .MHTML files.


PDF ToImageJPEG conversion results in blank JPEG output files.

The issue was resolved.


Security settings from the current PDF Profile are not applied in PDF to PDF conversions.

Encryption is properly applied during PDF to PDF conversions.


Subdirectories within a Watch Folder's input folder are not preserved after conversion.

An enhancement was made to use an INI file, "Persistent_Subdirectories.ini" to preserve, rather than cleanup subdirectories after conversion. See the KB article, Subdirectories in the Watch Folder's Input Folder are Removed for further details.


There is no way to bypass Toolkit when converting PDF to PDF.

An enhancement was made to use an INI file, "Bypass_Toolkit.ini" to perform a simple copy, rather than using Toolkit during PDF to PDF conversions. See Bypass Toolkit in DocConverter PDF to PDF Conversions for further details.


FILE SPECIFIC: The input file is not converted to PDF/A.

The issue was resolved.

Known Issues

The following table lists known issues with DocConverter Enterprise R4.2. When a known issue is fixed, it is moved to the Bug Fixes table. NOTE: The availability of a workaround does not imply that a particular issue will not be fixed.

ID #




Accessing DocConverter Email settings through the CUI in a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 environment results in a crash.



Issuing a binary signature rather than a normal file extension causes TIFF conversions to fail.

Use the normal file extension.


PDFPrint conversion of Excel2003 .XLS file does not print all worksheets.



FILE SPECIFIC: Microsoft Word document fails to convert to PDF/A and the resulting output is garbled.



When using the default processor, a .ZIP file is automatically sent to the errors folder rather than being processed.



Converting .UOT files results in blank output files.



The LibreOffice Converter randomly creates blank output files.

Restart the DocConverter services. See the KB article, Files Processed by the Libre Office Default Processor are Blank for more information.