DocConverter Release Notes 2015.1.0.16230

Build 2015.1.0.16230

This major new ActivePDF DocConverter release includes new features and bug fixes.

Software Requirements

The following software is required to successfully use DocConverter.

  • Windows Server® 2008 (32- or 64-bit edition) OR
  • Windows Server® 2012 R2
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.0 (If it is not detected, it will be installed automatically)

Optional Software Applications

  • (Recommended) Default converter: LibreOffice® 4.2 (if not installed, DocConverter can install it automatically)
  • Install these applications if you want to use their native converters instead of the default converter:
  • Microsoft Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Visio®, Publisher (2007, 2010, or 2013)
  • Fuji® Xerox® DocuWorks™ Viewer Light 7.2.1 minimum
  • Corel® WordPerfect®, X5, X6, and X7 (WordPerfect 15, 16, 17)

Note: Install the applications before installing DocConverter.

Hardware Requirements

The minimum hardware requirements for DocConverter are:

  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 150 MB of hard disk space (for application)


  • Additional hard disk space is needed to meet the requirements of the installed applications and the volume of files being processed.
  • ActivePDF does not officially support running DocConverter in a Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Terminal Services or Citrix® environment.

New Features

  • Watermarks— In the Configuration Manager you can now set up watermarks that add images or text to your output PDFs. For more details, see the DocConverter Quick Start online manual.
  • Conversion scheduling— In the Configuration Manager you can now set up schedules and duration times to run conversions. For more details, see the DocConverter Quick Start online manual.
  • Added settings for conversions from PDF— More settings are available when converting from PDF to:
    • Images
      Use the new ToImagePageDPIproperty to select DPI.
    • Microsoft Excel
      Use the new ToExcelTablesFromContentOptionsfor moving content to Excel tables.
      Use the new ToExcelAutoDetectSeparators to automatically detect decimal markers and thousands separators for localizing cultural differences when marking currency and large numbers.
    • Microsoft Word
      Use the new ToWordHeadersAndFootersOptions to handle headers and footers.

For more information: see New API Calls in the introduction section of the DocConverter API Reference Manager.
Note: These settings can also be configured using the DocConverter Configuration Manager. For more information, see New Features in the Introduction section of the DocConverter Quick Start Manual.

  • Support for the New ActivePDF CADConverter tool — Infrastructure was added to support CADConverter, the new ActivePDF product for converting CAD drawings. See details about CADConverter and information on how to download a trial version or purchase a license.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs were resolved since the last release.

ID #




Remote conversions: DocConverter was not able to convert PDF files to image files.

DocConverter now successfully converts PDF files to image files for remote conversions.


File specific: Although the timeout was set to 10 minutes, the conversion timed out before 10 minutes elapsed.

The internal default timeout was increased from 10 to 40 minutes.


File specific: When converting the email .MSG file, the output PDF displayed the wrong characters.

This issue was resolved when the code was updated.


When DocConverter was configured to send emails after successful file conversions and UNC file paths were used in the settings, emails were not always sent.

This issue was resolved, and emails are now sent when conversions are successful.


File specific: When attempting to convert an Excel file that contained OLE links, DocConverter timed out.

This issue was resolved when the code was updated.


After using DirectToPDF (Export) to convert Microsoft Word files, if the output PDF was opened in Adobe® Acrobat® , the first page could not be deleted. An error message reported that the PDF has an invalid structure.

This issue was resolved and now first pages can be deleted.


DocConverter UI: When a custom file extension was added to the extensions list in the Basic signature, and DocConverter attempted to convert a file that had that extension, the conversion was not handled properly.

Custom file extensions can now be added and associated with the Basic converter in Configuration Manager and then converted successfully.


When using FromPDF_ToWord with ConvertFromPDF, the content on some pages was converted to header material, instead of being part of the normal document content flow.

This issue was fixed by the new ToWordHeadersAndFootersOptions property. For more information, see New API Calls in the introduction section of the DocConverter API Reference Manager.


PowerPoint files protected with passwords could not be opened.

Now PowerPoint passwords can be passed to DocConverter, and the files can be opened and converted.

If a password is needed to open a PowerPoint file:

1.    Open the DocConverter Configuration Manager.

2.    Go to:
Watch Folder Profiles > Conversion Settings > Input Password.

3.    Enter the password.

Or: Use the DocumentPassword property in the API to pass the password.


After calling FromPDFToImage, the output image was blurred.

This issue was fixed by the new ToImagePageDPIproperty. For more information, see New API Calls in the introduction section of the DocConverter API Reference Manager.

Known Bugs

When a bug is fixed, it is moved to the Bug Fixes table.

Note: Even if a workaround exists, the bug may be fixed in a later release.

To insert an image in Microsoft Word, use either the IncludePicture field, or copy and paste, but do not use both methods in the same file.


File specific: When using FromPDF_ToExcel with ConvertFromPDF, only the content that is in tables is included in the output Excel file.

If you are converting a file with images or content that is not in a table, use FromPDF_ToWord or a similar type conversion.


When using FromPDF_ToExcel with ConvertFromPDF, the commas used in the numbering are not included in the output Excel file.

No workaround at this time.


File specific: When using Direct (Export) with PDFConversionType for converting this Excel file, the output PDF is longer than expected.

In the Windows Devices and Printers window, select a different default printer.


File specific: Barcode fonts are installed and used in this .rtf file, but after conversion to PDF, text displays instead of the barcode.

Windows is not allowing access to the fonts during conversion.


Note: Always be very careful when making edits in the Registry Editor.

1.    Open the Registry Editor (regedit).

2.    Go to the following key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion/Fonts

3.    Right click on Fonts, select Permissions, and set Full Control for the Users.

4.    Reboot the machine to take effect.

Note: After rebooting, there will be a long delay before Desktop loads.


File specific: After conversion, the output PDF is missing the logo image.

No workaround at this time.


Microsoft Publisher: Files cannot be converted using the Print option.

Use Export to convert Microsoft Publisher files.


The OEM Silent Installer pops up a box during an installation.

No workaround at this time. Clear the pop-up box manually and proceed.

Installation instructions and API Reference

Installation and API information is available in the DocConverter Legacy documentation section at: