Toolkit Release Notes

Toolkit 2011 R4

This article contains the release notes for ActivePDF Toolkit 2011 R4.

Operating System Requirements

The following software is required for full use of Toolkit.

  • Windows Server® 2003 32- or 64-bit edition OR
  • Windows Server® 2008 32- or 64-bit edition

Hardware Requirements

The following are minimum hardware requirements for Toolkit.

  • Pentium III 500-MHz or higher
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • 25 MB of hard disk space (for application)

Additional Requirements

Toolkit does not require the installation of any version of .NET to complete product installation. However, you cannot use Toolkit’s .NET components, unless your system has the minimum version of .NET required for the .NET component (1.1 or 2.0) you wish to use.

Bug Fixes

The following issues were resolved in Toolkit 2011 R4:

Bug ID #




CopyForm results in output text that is stretched.

The issue was resolved.


FILE SPECIFIC: Merging a sample file produces invalid output with the same object repeated throughout.

The issue was resolved.


MSMincho font does not display correctly.

The issue was resolved.


Bullets are replaced with text.

The issue was resolved.


Unicode font does not display properly in ASPX.

XML files are properly converted to from UTF-8 to Wide Character Set. When needed, Toolkit uses a Font Mixing algorithm to display the font. However, if characters passed do not have corresponding entries in the Verdana font, they will appear as boxes.


When Arial or Courier New fonts are used with PrintMultiLineText, full justification does not work.

The issue was resolved.


Using ObjectDecrypt creates a blank output file when decryption fails and does not return an error code when an invalid password is used.

Toolkit no longer creates a blank output file when decryption fails. The proper error codes are returned when an invalid password is used.


Setting OutputLinearized = 1 results in an output file that appears blank when opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The issue was resolved.


An output file in which PrintImage was used returns, "An internal error occurred" when opened in Adobe Acrobat 10.x.

The issue was resolved.


Toolkit build produces blank output file when Linearization is used.

The issue was resolved in build


Chinese characters in form fields disappear when the focus is lost.

The issue was resolved.


When calling the Font method on the Barcode object for a Symbology 0 barcode, the human readable text is removed.

The issue was resolved.


Wingding font not accepting unicode character to produce a checkmark.

The issue was resolved.


FILE SPECIFIC: Processing a file with externally loaded fonts takes a long period of time to complete form filling.

Prior to processing, Toolkit now checks for externally loaded fonts and performs a compare against other exernally loaded fonts.


FILE SPECIFIC: FlattenRemainingFormFields fails with an exception on CopyForm.

The issue was resolved.


FILE SPECIFIC: GetFormFieldDataByName fails to retrieve data.

The issue was resolved.


FILE SPECIFIC: A password-protected file does not open with the correct password, and instead fails with a -1 return code.

The issue was resolved.


Bullets in fonts that use Standard encoding are replaced by "1/4" on CopyForm or MergeFile.

The appropriate encoding is used for bullets.


Cannot change the standard barcode Width and Length.

Barcode height and width can be adjusted by setting the field or image height and width when printing to the page.


Error merging PDFs from an HP Scanner.

The issue was resolved.


.NET ONLY: Setting the Color property for a field has no effect.

The issue was resolved.


Palatino font not found when CopyForm is used.

Toolkit now handles ASCI85Decode encoded fonts.


.NET ONLY: Retrieving BackgroundColor property in the FieldInfo object is always null.

The issue was resolved.


When using the ü character in a field with Webdings, the Mona Lisa glyph appears, rather than the world map glyph.

The issue was resolved.


FILE SPECIFIC: CopyForm returns -1 and a 1KB output file is created.

The issue was resolved.


When called by name, some Base14 fonts (including Helvetica, Courier, and Times-Roman) returned an error when opening the output PDF.

Toolkit is no longer case-sensitive to Base14 font names.


When called as "symbol", the Symbol font caused a script to crash. When called by the full font name (Ex. "c:\windows\fonts\symbol.ttf"), the script ran successfully.

Encoding is now properly attached to the Symbol font.


All OTF fonts show garbled characters instead of the expected text

The issue was resolved.


Times New Roman modifiers (bold, italic, etc.) do not work unless called by the full font path for each modifier.

The issue was resolved.


The output created by a font test creates a bad PDF file, resulting in the following message when opened, "An error exists on this page. Acrobat may not display the page correctly. Please contact the person who created the PDF document to correct the problem."

Built-in fonts are now recognized with their passed-in names. Additionally, other OTF fonts that are CFF fonts are now embedded properly.


SetFormFieldData does not display correctly in the output.

The issue was resolved.


Toolkit crashes when attempting to print some special characters such as 'Chr(128)'.

The issue was resolved.


When setting the font to "zapfdingbats" or using the full path for the font, nothing is printed on the page.

The issue was resolved.

NOTE: If using the zapfdingbats OTF font, please use ZapfDingbats instead.


Some fonts not printing or not printing correctly.

Various encoding issues were resolved.


Toolkit Crashes with a c0000005 error when attempting to close the output file (setting fonts to fields).

The issue was resolved.


Using unsupported encoding types (JIS, Shift-JIS, etc.) causes Toolkit to crash.

Unsupported encoding types are now handled gracefully.


Barcode Text does not print correctly.

Text size now defaults to 10 points at drawing resolution.


WinAnsiEncoded Helvetica special character "Z" is not properly spaced.

The issue was resolved.


Script fails silently with Times New Roman in 64-bit Toolkit.

The issue was resolved.


Installation instructions for Toolkit are available in the Legacy documentation section at: