Toolkit Release Notes

2011 R4.2  Build

This article contains the release notes for ActivePDF Toolkit 2011 R4.2 (Build

Operating System Requirements

The following software is required for full use of Toolkit.

  • Windows Server® 2003 32- or 64-bit edition OR
  • Windows Server® 2008 32- or 64-bit edition

Hardware Requirements

The following are minimum hardware requirements for Toolkit.

  • Pentium III 500-MHz or higher
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • 25 MB of hard disk space (for application)

Additional Requirements

Toolkit does not require the installation of any version of .NET to complete product installation. However, you cannot use Toolkit’s .NET components, unless your system has the minimum version of .NET required for the .NET component (1.1 or 2.0) you wish to use.

Bug Fixes

The following issues were resolved in this release of Toolkit:





FILE SPECIFIC: Toolkit returns error -1 when attempting to open files.

Toolkit was altered to bypass the issue with some of the files. Other file issues could not be resolved due to a third party issue. See Known Issues.


FILE SPECIFIC: Calling AddLogo and merging the file multiple times resulted in a memory exception.

Toolkit was altered to bypass the issue with these files.


Colors in the output file are changed when encryption is used.

A fix was made to improve handling of encrypted /Indexed colorspaces.


FILE SPECIFIC: Running the VBS script with Japanese Fonts results in a memory error.

The memory error no longer occurs.


When DisableFontCache=0, or is unused, a memory leak and subsequent Access Violation Exception occur when stitching PDFs.

A fix was made to improve font caching.


Using DecryptFile results in a memory error.

Toolkit was attempting to decrypt a string that was not encrypted.


FILE SPECIFIC: A file encrypted with 128-bit AES encryption cannot be decrypted with SetInputPasswords, and results in an application crash.

Toolkit was altered to bypass the issue with this file-specific issue.


FILE SPECIFIC: Toolkit was unable to read files created by "Just PDF 2".

Toolkit was altered to bypass the issue with files created by “Just PDF 2”.


CopyForm results in a PDF file with "HiddenHorzOCR" error.

CFF fonts with ASCIIHex encoding are now properly re-encoded.


A form with a field defined as Combo in Acrobat Professional is not filled as expected in Toolkit.

Combo fields are filled appropriately by Toolkit.


Merging a PDF with Chinese characters results in the error, "The encoding (CMap) specified by a font is corrupted." and the output PDF is blank.

Toolkit was updated to handle /Encoding entries with attached streams.


Data is lost when attempting to flatten a PDF containing a Combo field as the first field on the page.

A change was made to the manner in which multiple fonts in a field are handled.


FILE SPECIFIC: Applying a watermark to a PDF including Chinese characters results in an error and in much of the text missing from the output PDF.

Toolkit was updated to handle CIDFontType0 embedded font streams appropriately.


FILE SPECIFIC: The error, "Attempted to read or write protected memory," was generated on CopyForm.

Toolkit was altered to bypass the issue with this specific file.


A memory leak occurs and the error, "AccessViolationException" is generated during the merge process.
An "AccessViolationException" occurred.
Memory leak in Toolkit.

A fix, including a change to .NET GarbageCollect, was implemented to resolve memory leaks.


Applying page-specific stamp using SetHeaderWPgNbr prior to Merge results in an invalid output PDF.

Page level font resource references are now cleared out.


FILE SPECIFIC: The file generated the font-related error, ?The encoding (CMap) specified by font is corrupted," in the output.

Toolkit was altered to bypass the issue with this specific file.

Known Issues

The following table lists known issues with Toolkit R4.2. When a known issue is fixed, it is moved to the Bug Fixes table. NOTE: The availability of a workaround does not imply that a particular issue will not be fixed.





FILE SPECIFIC: Toolkit returns error -1 when attempting to open files.

This issue is related to the input PDFs created by a third party product. There is currently no workaround.