The Toolkit 8.1.4 release (Build includes software enhancements, including two new methods, and one updated method.

Software Requirements

The following software is required to successfully use Toolkit.

Operating Systems Supported

  • Windows Server® 2008 R2, 2012 R2, 2016, or 2019
  • Microsoft Windows® 10
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework is required to use Toolkit's .NET component
    (1.1, 2.0+, or 4.5.)

Note: If you are installing an ActivePDF product on a Windows 2012 server, you need to download and install two Microsoft updates for Windows 2012 servers. These updates resolve issues with the Microsoft Visual 2015 C++ Redistributable Runtime Components. For links and step-by-step instructions, see this ActivePDF Knowledge Base article: Installing Toolkit on Windows 2012 Servers.

Hardware Requirements

The minimum hardware requirements for Toolkit are:

Server and desktop

  • 125 MB of RAM
  • 50 MB of hard disk space (for application)

New Features

  • Toolkit 8.1.4 includes a new return code if a file is password protected and cannot be opened.
  • The OpenInputFile method now returns error code -2 for an invalid user password, and error code -3 for an invalid owner password.
  • Additionally, there are two new methods in this release: RotateField and DeleteFormFieldByID.

Bugs Fixed

ID #Description
19263Using Toolkit’s CharSpacing or WordSpacing property does not properly right-justify the line with the SetHeaderMultilineText method.
19313TK cannot print JPEG using memory from ImageByteStream.
19343PrintJPEG does not work if using specified page number.
19370Append Mode invalidates digital signature.
19041Toolkit running significantly slower compared to older versions.
19243PrintMultilineText not working with its default "PageNr" parameter.
19428System.AccessViolationException when merging more than 100 documents.
19489Form field value does not display with double backslash \\.
19558Arabic words do not display correctly.
19562Fields are removed when doing FlattenRemainingFormFields and then Merge.
19563Read-only form fields are editable when using the ReadOnlyOnMerge property.
19569Calling the NewPage method clears the previous SetOutputRotation values.


Installation and API information is available in the Toolkit API Reference Guide:

Toolkit Installer

Use the following link to download the Toolkit 8.1.4 installer: