Toolkit Release Notes 2017 1.0

This is the initial release for Toolkit 2017 (R1.0, Build 2017.1.0.18110). This release includes a bug fix and several new features.

Software Requirements

The following software is required to successfully use Toolkit.

Servers Supported

  • Windows Server® 2008 (32- or 64-bit edition)
  • Windows Server® 2008 R2
  • Windows Server® 2012 R2
  • Windows Server® 2016
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework is required to use Toolkit's .NET component
    (1.1, 2.0+, or 4.5.)

Note: If you are installing Toolkit 2017 on a Windows 2012 server, you need to download and install two Microsoft updates for Windows 2012 servers. These updates resolve issues with the Microsoft Visual 2015 C++ Redistributable Runtime Component. For links and step-by-step instructions, see this ActivePDF Knowledge Base article: Installing Toolkit 2017 on Windows 2012 Servers.

Desktops Supported

(32- or 64-bit editions)

  • Microsoft Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework is required to use Toolkit's .NET component
    (1.1, 2.0+, or 4.5.)

Hardware Requirements

The minimum hardware requirements for Toolkit are:

Server and desktop

  • 125 MB of RAM
  • 25 MB of hard disk space (for application)

New Features

Note: For details, see the Toolkit 2017 API Reference Guide.

  • Single call multi-merge

You can merge multiple files into a single output PDF file using the new MergeFiles method. The files are merged in the order passed. You can merge files using UNC (Universal Naming Convention) filepaths, and merge files located in different directories.

  • Timestamping from a trusted server

When adding a digital signature to a PDF file, you can now add timestamping. Call the new TrustedServerURL property to define the trusted server, and then call the new TimeStamping property.

  • Annotations

Using the methods and properties in the new Annotation and AnnotationManager objects, you can programmatically delete, edit, and add annotations such as highlights, circles, squares, and FreeText callouts.

  • Retrieve form-field information by ID

You can use the new FieldInfo ID property to retrieve the information for a form field.

Bug Fixed

ID #




File specific: When AddLogo was called while processing this file, the output PDF had blank pages.

General updates to the code resolved this issue.


Installation and API information is available in the Legacy documentation section for the Toolkit API Reference Guide at: