Which Accounts are Involved in Running Toolkit?

ActivePDF Toolkit does not have its own user context so it runs under the current user context, which is typically the logged in user.

Some coding languages, such as ASP.NET, or implementations, such as those running through IIS, invoke their own user accounts, required as part of their normal operations. Additional user instances can also be invoked when remote connections or user logins are required, or with custom users classes, such as the TSER. When this occurs, Toolkit is running under the current user context as well as any additional contexts. Commonly, these accounts include:

  • VUSER_<Machinename>
  • IUSER _<Machinename>
  • IWAM _<Machinename>

Note: The <Machinename> must be your local machine where Toolkit is installed, not a domain.

The set of user accounts involved is specific to your implementation and you will need to ensure that all applicable accounts have the necessary permissions/settings to access and use Toolkit.