PDF Profile Settings Not Supported with PDFExport

The following PDF Profile settings are not supported when using DocConverter’s PDFExport functionality.

Regardless of how these settings are configured in the CUI, they have no effect on the resulting PDFExport. If you wish to manipulate the following, consider using PDFPrint instead.

  • Advanced Settings

    • Resolution

    • Preserve Transfer

    • UCR and BGR Info

    • ICC Profile

    • Override Page Dimensions

    • Preserve Halftone

    • Preserve Overprint

    • Use Flate Compression

  • Scaling

    • Scale Method

    • PDF Scale X

    • PDF Scale Y

    • Scale Value

  • View Mode

    • Page Number

    • Initial View

    • PDF View

  • Images- No settings are supported.

  • Fonts- No settings settings are supported.