Invalid Value for HowToHandleSubDirectories when Configuring Watch Folders

When configuring Watch Folders in the ActivePDF Common User Interface (CUI), selecting the Personal hot folders option for How to Handle Sub Directories results in the error, "Invalid value for HowToHandleSubDirectories[3]."

It is important to note that clicking OK, and then saving appears to set the option. However, this causes DocConverter Watch Folders to instead use the option to Convert All Files.

Probable Cause

The Personal hot folders option is not functional in DocConverter Enterprise 2010.


Do not use the option for Personal hot folders. Instead, follow the instructions to select a different option for the way DocConverter handles subdirectories when Watch Folders are used:

  1. Select ActivePDF > ActivePDF User Interface. The ActivePDF Common User Interface opens.

  2. Select ActivePDF DocConverter > DocConverter Watch Folders.

  3. Double-click the Watch Folder (either "Default HotFolder" or other Watch Folder) that you wish to configure.

  4. On the Folders tab, select one of the following options for How to Handle Sub Directories:

    • Convert All Files – Converts all files in the base Input directory of the Watch Folder and  ignores subdirectories.

    • Ignore Subdirectories - Converts all files in the base Input directories and subdirectories, and places all output files into the Watch Folder's base Output directory.

    • Recreate Directory structure - Converts all files in the base Input directories and subdirectories, and recreates the directory structure in the Watch Folder's Output directory.

  5. Close the Watch Folders window.

  6. Click Yes to save the changes.

  7. Close the ActivePDF User Interface.