Best way to do a table of contents?



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    James Bradley

    Hi Mark, I've been using MergeFiles for something similar. It lets you merge all the files at once and it might be more efficient  then doing the files one at a time. You could use NumPages and the bookmark manager to create the title page too.

    Hope this helps.



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    Mark Modrall

    Thanks for the response, James.

    I was adding the bookmarks, but previously we'd been generating our own title page independent of the bookmark manager and that required me to work up the whole body with CopyForm(), close it, get the bytes, generate the title page, then CopyForm() the original body on the end, which was pretty expensive.

    I'll look into using the bookmark manager and the options it provides.

    Or I can try to talk our PM into just accepting that bookmarks are on the bookmark tab (without page numbers and a lot of dress up).

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